About Us

Who We Are

We are a premier engineering organization determined to change the culture of conventional livings into energy efficient smart buildings through innovative engineering ideas according to severe climatic conditions of the Asian pacific & South Asian regions coping up with large, condensed and polluted metropolitan settlements.

At Smarteq we conceptualize, design & deliver smart buildings with efficient yet economical and Sustainable Solar Energy solutions to meet the required energy demands for efficient HVAC system to enhance the comfort level of the residents without impacting the CO2 budget of the planet earth. Our energy efficient systems will surely cut your energy bills and alleviate your chances to face the challenges of global warming, greenhouse gases and unhealthy atmospherics when it comes to Smart Living.

Why Choose Us?

The Smarteq Engineering provides end-to-end services to design the most suitable and optimal  solution for your required system. It specializes in sizing, designing and implementing the roof top, on ground and the hanging solar systems.

We have been involved in the successful installation of a number of these solutions. The team members include highly qualified technical experts from the prestigious Institutes and top notch Universities with Core competence in the field of Electrical, Mechanical and Solar systems related works. We have access to the best quality, most efficient and cost effective equipment from the best suppliers in the world.

Meet Our Team

Our Passion

Established in 2020 with the vision to grow up to the top 10 level by end of 2025 is the inspiration we are counting on. However all of our team members are from the best cadre of their respective fields bonded voluntarily to make a formation of young, energetic and dynamic professionals to make a difference that will one day be visible at large… INSHAALLAH.


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