Solar Systems for Household

Recently, in Valencia town Lahore we provided a Grid connected Solar System of Net rated Capacity of 15 KW for a one kanal house. It is a Net metering system, that is; the owner will enjoy a seamless supply of Electricity up to 15 KW during whole day, a part of which will be fed to the national grid which will reverse the meter at the same rate as it is being charged per Kilo Watt hourly rate during the off peak timing. It is pertinent to mention that in Pakistan we have 6:00pm to 11:00pm as peak time having higher rates of electricity used during these timings.

The project was executed in a very tough condition of the COVID 19 Period when both economical and physical states of many companies were at stake. We have a professional team with keen interest in customer satisfaction. The products used for this project have highly positive feedback both from clients’ side as well as from our installation team. Mono crystalline Panels with long life Aluminum frames were applied for assuring the extended life cycle of the package.