When we look at the overall canvas of MEP Engineering Services in our country it looks a bit dim and dull. Our ambition is to fill this gap and provide a one stop shop for all MEP needs no matter it’s High Rise Building, A Hospital, A Factory or a multi story residential project.  Our Main focus is “Whatever we do we will strive to protect our Environment and preserve the nature through modern techniques”

we provide full range of MEP Services with complete conceptual design to installation, testing and commissioning of the following systems / equipment

  • Optimized Solutions for Solar Systems
  • HVAC systems for household, commercial and industrial buildings
  • Potable water and sewerage system
  • Elevators, Passenger Lifts and Escalators
  • Fire/Smoke detection and Firefighting system
  • Industrial solutions and spare parts
  • Security Surveillance and Alarm system
  • Centralized operation and maintenance services for High Rise Buildings
  • Small Lighting and Power solutions
  • Smart housing and turnkey construction
  • Air Filtration and fumigation services
  • Steel Fixtures and safety fencing
Over 10 years experience

Our Technical Ground Staff have also been working on solar technology for last 10 years and have previous work experience of installing solar power plants, Firefighting systems, HVAC and many other related electro-mechanical installations in Industries, Cold Storage as well as in Residential Projects.


We anticipate and act on the changing needs of our business. We have the willingness and capability to accept and adopt to the changing world. We execute quickly and precisely. We question what needed? Why is needed and how to comply with the most efficient way. We equally value our end results and how these results are obtained.

Reliable Customer Service

We at The Smarteq Engineering pride ourselves for providing our customers with an unmatched experience of smart living. May it be an HVAC or a SOLAR SOLUTION, the satisfaction of our customers and partners is at the center of our attention. Honesty and Integrity are at core of our firm’s values.