Solarization of HEIS

Development of Command Area of Pothohar Region Through (HEIS)

Back in 2016-17 Govt of Punjab initiated a revolutionary Master Program in agriculture sector. The pilot project in this regard was to develop the command area of Pothohar region in northern and upper Punjab through High Efficiency Irrigation System (HEIS) commonly know as the Sprinkler and Drip irrigation. The Idea was to enable the local farmers to utilize Solar Energy for water lifting, filtration and pumping from low level mini dams and use it for irrigation of the Citrus Orchards.

We are proud to having been a part of the team who provided the conceptual design and feasibility for the pilot project leading to the master Program.

The Sun is very shinny with clear sky for most of the year providing ideal conditions for such artistic Solar Energy Solutions at small scale but in great numbers.

You can see a few classic visuals of greenery alongside the green energy in action side by side. these are the visuals of Fateh Jhang and Attock regions where small to medium pumping and filtration Units.

Project Gallery

The Package under your sight is a medium sized (6-11 KW) Manual Tracking Stand alone hybrid system with auto cleaning facility in the Fateh Jhang region.

There are some auto sprinklers installed. when the Sun reaches a certain height the cleaning sprinklers start automatically to clean the panel clusters for optimum out put. This arrangement is very useful and it reduces the daily based efforts of the operator to almost zero.